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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Pretty rings...

Am having fun with .8mm sterling silver round wire. Winding it round and round the ring mandrel, in a hotch potch way, then soldering the end to the beginning. Hammering it and dipping it in liver of sulphur and polishing it to a high shine.

So pleased with the results. I have been looking for a ring like this for ages for myself. Absolutely love it and will be wearing this every day.

I have also finally managed to make a reasonably decent bezel set ring. First attempts were not very good, but this one is OK. I used a small 6mm moonstone (one of two - the other I accidentally lost down the plughole - don't ask). I used 3mm bezel strip, 0.4mm silver sheet for the base, and 1.5mm round wire for the ring. Pretty fiddly to burnish as SO small, but very pretty.

And two delicate rings, one with a hand sawn heart shape

and one with a flower, again hand sawn.

The heart and flower were domed and polished and soldered to a ring made of 1.5mm round wire which I flattened in my rolling mill. I managed to make some silver balls using my scrap silver - such fun to make and very quick. I ground a small hole in my charcoal block and put a small scrap of silver in the hole. Heated it until it melted into a ball and drooped it in to quench. Used some in the pretty flower ring.

Am just about confident enough to open my new Etsy shop 'Triploi and Rouge'. I have played around with photos and made the banner for the shop......

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