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Thursday, 28 May 2015

A new ring from an old ring

So my Mother had a beautiful art deco ring set with marcasite and a dark green shiny semi-precious stone. I think the stone is Jade, but not sure. As a young girl I remember her wearing this ring on a rare night out with my Father.

One of the claws and a marcasite was missing and the ring was much too small for any of my fingers. I tried to repair the claw and did a reasonable job but ruined the marcasite in the process.

It's a stone that needs to be worn so I decided to make a new ring using the stone. Something quite ornate and in keeping with the era.

I used scallop bezel wire (from USA, as can't find it for sale in the UK) and twisted some wire to set round the edge. The shank is a nice weight D wire.

Really pleased with it, love wearing it!