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Friday, 16 December 2011

Hammered hearts

A friend commissioned some heart shaped earrings for her sons girlfriend. The design was completely up to me....this is how they turned out....

 and I followed them up with a ring and pendant using the same hammered heart design. So pretty. Must do more of this..the pendant sold at one of the craft stalls I did recently.
I have been busy with orders I took from the craft stalls, and also making jewellery for my nieces and friends for Christmas.

I have so many new things I want to try....just need a bit of time off from the day job !!

A gold "L"

My friend Linda (wife of Jimbo) had some gold left over from a solid gold bangle that she had had made for her in the past.

Two pieces about 2cm by 1cm, and she asked if I could make her an "L" to hang from a gold chain. The bits of gold were really dull, in fact they could have passed for old brass - I wish I had taken a photo before I started...

I had a plan for the "L" which in the end didn't go to plan, so went with my backup plan and was very happy with how it turned out.
First step was to solder the two pieces together and then saw off the edges to get the overall shape. My original plan was to make some coils with wire which I would use to pattern the gold in the rolling mill. You can just see the coils of gold in the photo...

Unfortunately I used the wrong wire to make the coils - it was copper, and too soft, and flattened in the mill leaving a soft smudgy pattern. Backup plan was to hammer the "L". First I had to sand off most the pattern, then I drilled a hole with my cougar hand drill. For the jump ring, I cut the earwire off a scrap gold earring and wrapped it round my pliers. After much hammering sanding and polishing, the finished piece is lovely and shiny, with a nice weight to it.
I think she will like it.