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Monday, 6 August 2012

Glass cabochon heart pendant

This lovely glass cabochon pendant is made from a piece of the silver still left from my Grampys silver cigarette case. The case has a very fine vintage wavy pattern which you can just see in the second photo. 

A friend ordered this, but specifically wanted it in turquoise blue glass. What a job I had sourcing that one! I could not find ANY clear glass cabochons in the right shade of blue. I bought a bag of those glass flattish beads that you see in vases, but the blue wasn't quite the right shade. I made the bezel cup with the heart in the back, and popped in one of the beads and it lookd awful. It was cheap and fat and you couldn't see the heart properly from the front. Then I found this vintage tie pin on ebay and took a chance.

When it arrived it was perfect. I unfixed it from its pin and sanded the back to remove the gold coloured coating, then prepared to make another bezel cup. Couldn't believe my luck when I tried it in the cup I had already made and it plopped in a treat. Perfect fit! I just love it for it's colour, a one off, custom made pendant that no-one else in the world will have.  How would I ever have found that stone without the internet......

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