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Monday, 6 August 2012

Can't believe I found it!

The thing that first inspired me to take up silversmithing was a custom made pendant that I bought from kutuu.co.uk. It's imprinted with a blossom pattern and I absolutely adore it. I have often wondered how it was made, unsure if  the pattern was etched, or pressed using a rolling mill. By chance I found a brass pattern plate on Cooksongold that was exactly the same pattern as my locket. I bought the plate and have used it 2 or 3 times to make an imprint on silver sheet using my rolling mill. I love the pattern and the way the blossom picks up a patina when oxidised. I have made various pieces of jewellery featuring the blossom print. 

The pearl in the ring below is from a vintage earring that had lost its partner...its a lovely creamy rich colour and in perfect condition.

I couldn't resist making a larger version of my original locket, really just to see if I could. SO very very pleased with it. This lovely chain is from Cooksongold.com, its a small but good wight belcher chain which oxidizes beautifully to look lovely and old.

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