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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Stacking rings and a visit by Bambi

Loving the warm sunny days this March! I know it won't last but it lifts the spirits. Woke up the other morning to find a baby deer in the garden. 

That wouldn't have been surprising where we used to live but here we are in the middle of a housing estate, and the only way in to the garden is from the road, unless it leapt over the 5ft fence at the bottom of the garden. It was beautiful. Grazed on our plants, slept on the lawn in the sun, but eventually ran out and up the road into the estate. Hope it made it to safety...

The garden is waking up for spring (taken from silver workshop window - ie spare bedroom!)

I know everybody makes them, but I wanted to make hammered stacking rings to offer with some of other rings, especially the bezel set cabochon rings which I am finally getting the hang of. I think the stacking rings can make an ordinary ring look special, and it gives more wearing options.

 This one is a tiny 5mm citrine - making the bezel was SO fiddly..in fact I also made a teeny bezel set peridot but ruined it when I tried to solder it to a shank - can't win em all.........

I had bought a vintage necklace of 10mm round moonstones and wasn't sure what do do with all the beads. I tried splitting one with a sharp file and a hammer and successfully made my own cabochon, though it took some sanding to get a smooth underside. Turned it into this gorgeous bezel set ring. I made whole in the bottom of the bezel to let the light through and it is truly lovely.

Here is youngest daughter Bryony modelling one of the friendship bracelets of which I have sold a few at work - she now has her own with a 'b' on. I have lots of other glass vintage beads to try this on now.


  1. What a lovely garden you have! The little deer is too cute. Beautiful work too, as usual!