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Saturday, 17 September 2011

A silver day today

I haven't left the house today, apart from doing some gardening and walking to the local co-op to get a tin of tomatoes to put in the curry we had for dinner!

Its a Sunshine and Showers Saturday, and I spend most of it in the workshop. I took an order from a friend for a bangle which she needs for Monday, so I have to use the raw materials I have as there is no time to place an order.

I make it with 2mm round wire and some lovely yellow vintage glass beads from an old necklace. I intended this to be a bangle that would 'undo', but I couldn't get it to work, so I made it as a fixed bangle. The wire is hammered and polished.

Next are these two rings, using up pieces of silver sheet that I can't quite punch a disc from. I love these, with their gold centres. These are really fun to make.

The petals are cut from silver sheet and filed to shape. This one has a

shank made from silver wire and is adjustable.

This one has less form, but I love it for its rustic finish.

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