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Saturday, 18 October 2014


Absolutely nothing to do with jewellery making, but I can't resist a post about my new kitten Molly. My husband Paul is VERY anti cuddly pets, and though I had a cat when we met and married nearly 30 years ago, when it died we never got another pet (apart from fish which leave me cold)!
Our daughter Bryony's friend needed to re home Molly, and Paul very reluctantly agreed we could give her a home......only because she was black and white, his hockey club colours, and because Bryony pulled the sympathy card having just had a major thyroid op!

She is beautiful, funny, and very very very naughty, gets into EVERYTHING, and seeks attention all the time. She was quite bitey and scratchy when she arrived, not surprising as we were her third home in as many weeks in her short life, so I tried the gentling technique, just massaging and stroking every bit of her at every opportunity. She is now pretty cuddly, though still naughty.

If I don't look at you, you won't see me.....

Blending in.......

She has brought fun into the family, already can't imagine life without her....though last week we nearly lost her. The lawn man was driving away in his van when he heard a miaow ...she was in the back of his van!


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