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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Jewellery packaging

How you package your items is SO important. When you order something and it comes beautifully packaged it makes you feel the seller really cares about their products. I debated long and hard to find the right packaging for my jewellery. I didn't want to spend too much on it as it pushes up the cost of the item, but I wanted it to be natural and fit in with the nature theme of my jewellery and ETSY shop. I am a great fan of rubber stamps and ordered a bespoke stamp from etsy shop MyRubberStamp I chose a design with a tree in the middle. When it arrived they had generously included in the parcel a miniature stamp of the tree. That gave me the idea for my packaging. I bought a large roll of brown corrugated cardboard from Staples, and used the small free tree stamp to decorate it with some lovely moss green ink. The larger stamp is for my labels which I attach with either jute or twine.  

I pack the jewellery in shredded tissue paper.

This was the finished packaging, very cheap but lovely and in keeping with my shop and jewellery. 

Since then I have stopped making the package into a 'pillow' box, and now just leave it flat. Not nearly as pretty but it means the majority of items can be posted as large letters instead of small packets. I have had some lovely feedback about my packing and that makes it worthwhile.

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