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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Bangle mandrel

I have finally invested in a bangle mandrel, though have to say am not thrilled with the one I chose. It is meant to  be made from hard wood but is already very dented from the bangles I have shaped and hammered using it. It also isn't perfectly round but very slightly oval shaped. I guess you do get what you pay for, but it will do until I can afford a decent steel one.

Anyway, had fun making these. Made from 1.8mm or 2mm sterling silver wire, I have textured the wire using petersham ribbon and old linen using my rolling mill, and hammered some wire using my different hammers. Each of these has produced a different texture.

My good friend showed me a pair of old silver bangles her Mum had given her.

She wanted another one to either match or compliment them. So gorgeous, very oxidized and vintage looking, tried to imitate the pattern on them but failed, so instead made a contrasting hammered bangle to go with.

I've sold a few bangles but I find it difficult to set a price on these. They use quite a length of silver which makes them expensive in terms of materials, they are relatively easy to make, but the problem is that you really need lots to get the best effect. Bryony, in the first picture, is wearing 9 of them, at say £10 each which doesn't make much profit, but would cost £90!

Anyway they sparkle and tinkle and look so much nicer than imitation ones, so worth it I think.

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