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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Thank goodness for the rug!

When I turned the spare room into my workshop, I put a cheap rug on the floor to cover our nice cream carpet. Thank goodness I did! I was busy making balls of silver and gold with offcuts, and I dropped a silver ball on its way to the quenching  bowl...it melted straight through the rug and I desperately tried to pick it up with my tweezers dropping it a further 6 times before managing to pick it up. I now have 7 small melted holes in my rug, but thankfully the carpet was saved!!

I have been trying lots of new techniques this weekend, not all successful.  In my earlier post I showed you my grandfathers solid silver cigarette case. The pendants for my sisters are almost finished, but I wanted to try something a bit different with some of the remaining pieces of silver. I had some glass cabochons, and they look fantastic when placed over some of the pattern on the silver, or even better when placed over the engraved bits as you can see here (Grandads name was Surtees Scott).

I punched some discs in the case using my disc cutter, one for the base that the cabochon would sit on, and one to hold the cabochon in place. The second disc I punched again with a smaller punch to leave a sort of collar for the bead, which I domed with my punches in the doming block.So far so good.

I had to sand and file the collar a lot to make it fit down over the cabochon so that it touched the flat base all the way round for soldering. I managed to solder it to the base with the glass in place - not the best job but a bit of sanding would improve it. 
I then tried to solder a simple loop to the top so that it could hang froa chain, and no matter what I did I could not solder the loop to the main piece. Tried 4 or 5 times, pickling in between, but the silver did not seem to get hot enough for the solder to melt. I had the piece held in the tweezers and I did wonder if the tweezers were absorbing the heat. In the end I stupidly forget to let the glass cool before quenching and it cracked into pieces. That was a few wasted hours in all. So frustrating when the solder won't flow!!

Might have another go when I have spare time. 

Meanwhile I made a few new pieces in-between times. My daugther was given a pretty christening bracelet when she was a baby, and I have never seen anything like it since. I made something similar from 2mm wire, with a sterling silver bead dangling from it. Oxidised as always to age it a little, and I quite like the result. It is tiny, which doesn't really show in the photo. All soldered, so safe for a little baby.

I made a lovely tiny wreath of silver, and hung it from some gorgeous loose chain that I bought online. The clasp is also hand forged. Its really rustic, and very organic looking.

Next up was some earrings, hammered circles with semi-precious beads of jade and turquoise, dangling from hand forged earwires. 

I have a craft stall in November so need to plan for that. Craft sales I have done in the past, I have made all the stock beforehand and the aim was to sell as much as possbible on the day. I can't do that with silver because it is too expensive so I need to make a smallish set of pieces and take orders on the day. I need to decide how best to display the pieces of jewellery to make the most of them, preferably using wood and greenery as I have done in the photos in my etsy shop.

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