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Sunday, 17 July 2011

My studio

Weekend 30th May 2011
Since the workshops I have thought of little else. I am so full of ideas and so desperate to get started. But this can’t be rushed. I can’t do this from the dining room table or the sofa as I have done all my other hobbies. The tools can’t easily be tidied away at the end of the day, and frankly it’s a messy business. And then there is the start up costs. I need tools – lots of them – to get started. Many are cheap, but others are not.

I want to do this properly and so I make some plans.

First I make a decision that my workshop will be in the spare small bedroom, currently housing my printer, scanner, computer desk, ironing board, clothes drying rack etc etc. All of which have to stay and somehow fit around a new workbench. The room is pastel green and lemon yellow – that has to go, so I paint the walls a  flax colour, and I make curtains from some slubby linen from a charity shop. I acquire an old desktop from the office and my father-in-law Cyril, and husband Paul cut it to size and fit it over the computer table.

It's perfect, really sturdy....
The room is much improved, and it gets the sun which is nice. It is also my old childhood bedroom so it is meant to be.

Meanwhile I am gathering tools.....

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